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Article Featuring Timeless Legacies and Other Personal Historians

Below is a post shared from the blog of Personal Historians Northwest, a wonderful organization of which Timeless Legacies is a member. Shared with their permission and that of blog author, Zoe Morrison.

Link to original post:

Three members of Personal Historians NW appeared in the Portland Tribune and several other Pamplin Media outlets in the Portland Metro area on June 11, 2020.

Capturing Your Life Stories” personal historian Connie Shipley submitted a story idea to Pamplin, a tip that was picked up by local journalist Jason Vandersmith. The reporter reached out to the group to talk about the work being done by personal historians. Connie said in her blog,  the “COVID-19 stay-at-home experience gives people time to get their stories organized for their grandchildren like wouldn’t happen in the old reality that we lived in.”

Members who were interviewed for the article included Connie Shipley of Portland, AuraLee Loveland of Oregon City and Gloria Nussbaum of Beaverton, three of the more than 20 members of the organization. They represent a swath of the work being done throughout the Northwest (and the world) by group members.

The members provide services including presentations on personal histories, photo digitization, memoir writing, interviewing, oral and video biographies and a myriad of other personal history related activities.

“The collection of people, through contract or for fun and goodwill, document human history — one family, one individual, one group, one company at a time. They live and work anywhere from Centralia, Washington, to Eugene”. They “have told stories for people around the country — many of them elder folks who want to share details of a life well-lived.”

More than 500 stories have been told, recorded and published in a variety of formats by the members of the organization.

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