About Us

Twenty-five years ago, Aura Lee Loveland, MSW, began crafting life and business histories, beginning with three of her own grandparents. It was those initial stories, captured into timeless legacies, that she quickly realized were among the greatest treasures she could inherit. In 2003, she started her own personal history business, to help others create powerful legacies for their loved ones. 

Through the years, Aura Lee has grown her business into what Timeless Legacies is today. It has become a family company, as several of her children have caught the passion. The company has also sought highly qualified and creative individuals, such as transcriptionists, book designers and editors, to help complete these individualized and valuable projects of personal, family and corporate histories, preserved for generations to come.

1991 Boys on Train (1).jpg

Above: Aura Lee with two of her sons, Ross and Jake. Both have "caught the passion" and become involved with personal history.