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Farmer on Tractor

A detailed life history of an individual or couple, with information gathered from interviews, personal papers and photographs.

Life History


Stories about ancestors can be woven into a Life History or as a separate project, using genealogy research, interviews and family papers.

Family Legacy

Family Photos in B&W

Transferring photographs into digital formats, restoring images faded by time and preserving video.

Photo/Video Restoration


Audio tapes, handwritten letters, journals and other documents are transcribed into a digital format.



A detailed history of a company, focusing on key events and employees. The end product is great for marketing both internally and externally.

Company History

Birthday Celebration

Memories and stories are organized as a tribute celebrating a milestone event, such as a birthday or anniversary.

Celebration Books


Assistance in organizing and documenting photos, paperwork and treasured artifacts.

Document Organization

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We work with you to identify your needs and the best way to record the history you have in mind.